Guided Installation

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Follow the steps below to install CopyMove using the setup program included in the distribution:

1.Login to the SharePoint server with administrator privileges. If your SharePoint installation is a multi-server farm then you can install on just one server after which the CopyMove files are automatically propagated to the other servers in the farm.
TIP: Login as domain administrator or login using the same account used by the IIS application pool used by the SharePoint Central Administration Web site.
2.Download the latest version of CopyMove from
3.CopyMove is distributed in a ZIP archive that you must extract to a local folder on the SharePoint server.
4.Run setup.exe from the local folder that the CopyMove files were extracted to.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not run setup.exe from a network drive as this is normally not allowed by the Microsoft .NET framework.
5.The setup program launches, showing the Welcome page illustrated below.
There are no settings on this page, so just click the Next button.
6.The System Check page opens.
The setup program now checks your system to make sure that the required prerequisites are available and that you have adequate permissions to install CopyMove. If one of the tests fails then read the message on your screen, fix the problem and run the setup program again. Once all of the tests have passed, click Next.
7.The End-User License Agreement page opens.
Read the agreement carefully. If you agree with its terms, mark the I accept the terms in the License Agreement check box and click Next.
8.Provided you chose to accept the license agreement, the Deployment Targets page opens.
This page shows each of the Web applications currently available in the SharePoint farm. Mark the check box for each Web application to which to deploy CopyMove. Note that it is also possible to deploy CopyMove manually to new and existing Web applications at any time later. Select the appropriate target applications and click Next.
9.CopyMove is now installed and deployed to the selected Web applications. This process may take several seconds - a progress bar is shown. When installation and deployment is finished, the Installation Complete page shows.
CopyMove is now installed. Click the Close button to quit the installer.