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CopyMove for SharePoint 2007 is a commercial add-on for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and Microsoft Office Server 2007. It enables users to easily copy and move files, list items and folders in SharePoint. The product is primarily designed for end-users moving or copying smaller amounts of content at a time. It can of course also be used by administrators - but should not be confused with a full blown migration tool to move large volumes of data.

Technically, CopyMove performs all the work through the official .NET API of Windows SharePoint Services 3.0. All copy and move transactions follow the procedure outlined below:

1.User selects the items to copy or move.
2.CopyMove validates the requested transaction and reports any errors and warnings before the transaction is initiated. Errors will abort the transaction while warnings must be confirmed by the user to initiate the transaction.
3.CopyMove exports all items to disk on the SharePoint Web front-end server handling the request.
4.CopyMove imports all items from disk to the selected target location.
5.If it is a move transaction and the import operation was successful, CopyMove now deletes the selected items in the source location.
6.CopyMove logs the transaction to the SharePoint audit log if enabled.