Making CopyMove Available

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Complete the following steps to make the features of CopyMove available to users:

1.Install and activate CopyMove for the farm.
This makes CopyMove available at the farm level. See the sections "Guided Installation" and "Activating CopyMove at the Farm-Level" for instructions.
2.Deploy CopyMove to all relevant Web applications.
This might have already been done automatically during installation, but if you add a new Web application or choose not to deploy automatically, then you may need to do so manually. See the section "Manual Deployment" for instructions.
3.Activate CopyMove for all relevant site collections.
The Copy and Move menu actions only shows in document libraries and lists where CopyMove is activated for the underlying site collection or Web application. Activate CopyMove at the level of the Web application to make it available to users in all site collections hosted by the Web application. See the section "Activating CopyMove for all Site Collections" for instructions. To limit the availability of CopyMove to selected site collections only, activate it independently for each. See the section "Activating CopyMove for Selected Site Collections" for instructions.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not activate CopyMove at both levels at the same time as this will result in duplicate menu items in document libraries and lists.