Making CopyMove Available

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Complete the following steps to make CopyMove available to end-users:


1.Read and accept the End-User License Agreement
The CopyMove EULA file is included in the product download as EULA.rtf
2.Install and deploy the WSP solutions
Add the solutions sharepointproducts_platform2019.wsp and sharepointproducts_copymove2019.wsp to the SharePoint solution store and deploy them to all Web applications including SharePoint Central Administration. See the section Scripted Installation for detailed instructions.
3.Deploy CopyMove to all relevant Web applications
This is automatically done by the scripted installation, but if you create new Web applications or choose not to deploy automatically, then you may need to do so manually. See the section Manual Installation for instructions.
4.Activate the CopyMove farm feature
See the section Activating CopyMove at the Farm level for instructions.
5.Activate CopyMove for all relevant site collections
The CopyMove menu actions only appear in document libraries and lists in site collections where the CopyMove site collection feature is activated. See the section Activating CopyMove for selected Site Collections for instructions.
6.Purchase and install a CopyMove license
CopyMove is not a free product but you may evaluate it for free before buying. You are automatically granted a 30 day evaluation period counting from the day it was first installed. The product blocks all functionality once the evaluation period has expired. If you wish to continue using CopyMove in your SharePoint farm then you will need to purchase a license from See the section License Management for instructions how to install a license file received from the SharePoint Products sales team.