User Links Location

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The CopyMove destination selection dialog can track and show personal locations in the tree shown in the screen shot below. This includes list or folder links in the Recent destinations node and SharePoint sites in the Pinned Sites node. The first shows recent destinations selected by the user for previous CopyMove transactions and the second shows SharePoint sites manually added by the user. Users can add sites via the Add site action in the right-click context menu that is available on the Pinned Sites node.


From CopyMove version 3.8, personal links are stored in a SharePoint list. Earlier versions used a Web cookie to store the title and url for each entry. The default location of the new SharePoint list is:


That is, CopyMove creates a list for each SharePoint Web Application having one or more site collections where the CopyMove site collection feature is enabled. The sppcopymove site collection and the UserLinks list is created in the background by a timer job. Although users can technically browse the list then they will never need to. But if a user manages to locate and browse the list then it is safe to do so. He will only be able to his own list items. Links stored by other users will by security not be visible nor accessible.

The default list location can be changed individually for each Web Application by the following PowerShell command from a SharePoint 2019 Management Shell:

Get-SPWebApplication <identity> | Set-CopyMoveWebApplicationConfiguration -LinksListUrl <absolute URL address of the SharePoint list>

For example:

Get-SPWebApplication "SharePoint Content" | Set-CopyMoveWebApplicationConfiguration -LinksListUrl

The specified site collection and list will in turn be created within 24 hours by the timer job named CopyMove for SharePoint - Ensure user links list. To trigger creation right away, simply click the Run Now button on the timer job definition in SharePoint Central Administration at /_admin/ServiceJobDefinitions.aspx.

Link items for Pinned Sites are stored in the list until the user decides to delete them via the Remove from tree action available with the right-click context menu. Link items that represent recent destinations, are deleted after 90 days by a CopyMove timer job.

On a final note; the site collection and any content in it will not show up in any search results. This has been disabled by design. Only CopyMove needs to know about it.