Upgrading from CopyMove 2016

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CopyMove 2019 can only be installed to SharePoint 2019 servers. It cannot be installed to SharePoint 2016 servers! Hence, upgrading from SharePoint 2016 to SharePoint 2019 also requires an upgrade of CopyMove 2016 to CopyMove 2019. Fortunately, upgrading from CopyMove 2016 to CopyMove 2019 is straight forward:

1.Leave CopyMove 2016 installed in the SharePoint 2016 farm.
2.Install CopyMove 2019 to the SharePoint 2019 farm before migrating any of the SharePoint 2016 content databases. You will otherwise get warnings of missing feature templates in the site collections where CopyMove 2016 was activated.
3.Backup, restore and attach the SharePoint 2016 content database(s) to the SharePoint 2019 farm. SharePoint will then upgrade the database(s).