Uninstalling CopyMove

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Removing CopyMove from a farm is of course also possible and it is just as simple as installing it. Simply follow the steps below to uninstall CopyMove:


1.Login to the SharePoint server with a local administrator account that have also been granted the db_owner role on the SharePoint configuration database and the SharePoint administration content database. If your SharePoint installation is a multi-server farm then you can uninstall on just one server after which the CopyMove files are automatically removed from the other servers in the farm.
2.Run the Uninstall-CopyMove.cmd script from the local folder that the CopyMove files were extracted to, and wait for it to complete. The screen shot below illustrates how a successful uninstall should look like.
3.CopyMove is now retracted from all Web applications and the WSP solutions have been removed from the SharePoint solution store.