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SharePoint is a very complex platform to setup and operate as well as it is a complex platform to develop applications for. CopyMove for SharePoint 2010 has been tested rigorously with SharePoint Foundation 2010 and SharePoint Server 2010 in different configurations. But this does unfortunately not mean that you will never encounter any problems when installing and using CopyMove. Most problems are related to the way SharePoint is configured as well as lack of technical insight into the SharePoint product (it simply takes time, skill and effort to really understand and master SharePoint). On rare occasions, you might encounter a genuine bug in CopyMove when it is faced with special conditions that we have not tested for. In this case, please report the problem and we will do our best to understand, reproduce and fix the problem for you.

For the reasons above, we strongly recommend to evaluate and test CopyMove in a test environment before deploying it to a production environment. The test environment should be a separate SharePoint farm in a configuration that resembles that of the production farm.

This chapter seeks to help you understand and correct common problems. It also provides a guideline for reporting problems to our support team when you encounter a problem that you cannot resolve yourself.