Activating the CopyMove Features

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The CopyMove product is enabled through a regular SharePoint "Feature", which means it can easily be activated or deactivated by SharePoint administrators and site collection owners. The product ships with the following two features:

Farm Feature. This feature adds a group of CopyMove related administration links to SharePoint Central Administration. The feature must also be enabled prior to activating the Site Collection feature described below. When deactivated the administration links are again removed from Central Administration. It will also prevent further activations of the Site Collection feature. However, CopyMove will continue to be available in site collections for which one of these two features are already activated. The feature XML files are deployed to the folder TEMPLATE\FEATURES\SPPCopyMoveFarm relative to the SharePoint root folder.
Site Collection Feature. Activating this feature registers the CopyMove menu actions with all supported document libraries and lists in the site collection. It also adds a link to the CopyMove site settings page on the SharePoint site settings page. Deactivating the feature removes the menu actions and the site settings link again. The feature XML files are deployed to the folder TEMPLATE\FEATURES\SPPCopyMoveSite relative to the SharePoint root folder.